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ZEON KASEI Production Plants

Based on close cooperation with each business units, we promptly and flexibly meet customer needs through our effective production system founded on appropriate division of labor.

ZEON KASEI Co., Ltd. Ibaraki Factory

1175 Kamiizushima, Bando City, Ibaraki Prefecture, 306-0654
TEL: 81-297-34-2111
FAX: 81-297-34-2316
Description of business: Manufacturing plastic products (vinyl chloride compounds), ground rubber, resin sheets, and low-pollution molded products from resin sheets.

ZEON KASEI Co.,Ltd. Yamaguchi Factory

2288-7 Ooazatsukariheisei,Hikari City,Yamaguchi Prefecture 743-0105
TEL: 81-820-48-5000
FAX: 81-820-48-2233
Description of business: Foldable container products

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