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Housing Material Products

ZEON Siding-related materials

ZEON Moisture Vapor Transmission & Waterproofing Sheets

Moisture vapor transmission & waterproofing sheets suitable for the open joint construction method made possible only by ZEON Siding.
Superior in moisture and air permeability to prevent dew condensation inside of walls.
Realizing a comfortable living environment by preventing the ingress of water and cold air.
Made of nonwoven polyester fabric, which is light and difficult to tear for easy installation.
Soft and not flapping in the wind.

Exterior Type Rock Wool Board

This is rock wool heat insulation specially manufactured for ZEON Siding. It is light and superior in its heat insulating, water-repellency and sound absorption properties.
Superior in its heat insulating properties and significantly contributing to energy saving.
Exterior Type Rock Wool Board is a recyclable heat insulating material. Material left over during installation and discarded during replacement is recyclable.
(Designated as an Industrial Waste Disposal Agent for Regional Recycling Use)
This product is a high-density fabric type heat insulating material. Easy installation with box cutter and nails, and butt joints will look beautiful.
This product has more water repellency than regular rock wool material to prevent water leakage during installation.
Exterior Type Rock Board is made of artificial mineral fibers certified as noncombustible material.

Machine Tools for Siding Installation

Notch Punch
This is a tool for making protrusions in order to fix the body with trim under eaves and windows.
Hole Punch
This is a tool for making holes for screws and nails on the body and trim in places other than the elongated holes.
Zip Tool
This is a tool for removal and exchange of siding that has already been installed.
Center Lock Punch
This is a tool for making incisions in the laterally overlapping parts on Center Lock Series siding.

ZEON Air-Tight Tape

This is an air-tight tape suitable for ZEON Moisture Vapor Transmission & Waterproofing Sheets. Excellent adherence of the tape prevents water from infiltrating. The tape is mainly used around the peripheries of windows and openings.
This is a butyl rubber type adhesive and superior in durability as well as rough-surface and low-temperature adhesiveness.
This product prevents separation and development of water rivulets caused by swelling on the contact surfaces with moisture vapor transmission & waterproofing sheets.
This product is good for closing gaps and is superior in waterproofing.

ZEON Air-Tight Packing

This product is essential for non-sealing ZEON Sidings. It's flexible and superior in follow-up for good gap closure. This product can be used to fill up gaps and openings in the siding for gas pipes and hoods.
Made of highly durable EPDM rubber. It is superior in weather, heat and chemical resistance.
Made from semi-closed and semi-interconnected cell foam with superior compressibility, waterproofing properties and air-tightness.
Adjustable for gaps on rough surfaces and the expansion and contraction of ZEON Sidings caused by temperature differences, providing superior water-tightness.

Wind Lock Metal Part

This product is used to prevent sidings from coming off and to fix siding on the base material firmly for use in high-wind areas.
Made of aluminum, making it resistant to corrosion and superior in durability.
Easy installation requires only sliding the product into the siding body.

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