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Deodorant-related Products

Deodorant/ ZEON Clean®

Deodorant/ ZEON Clean®
ZEON Clean is a deodorant containing organic acid, inorganic compounds and natural extracts as major ingredients, and vigorously eliminates odors through chemical reaction and absorption.
We offer a wide range of product grades to accommodate the various types of target odors and preferred method of deodorizing.
Grade Contents Target odors
ZCL-1000 Series
ZCL-3000 Series
Deodorant utilizing chemical reaction. Contains organic acid and metallic salt as major ingredients. Odor from sweat, kitchen refuse (4 major odors), feces and urine
ZCL-7000 Series
High safety deodorant containing natural extracts as major ingredients. Odor from sweat, kitchen refuse, cigarettes, feet, pets, aging, and VOC including formaldehyde
ZCL-8000 Series
Deodorant utilizing chemical absorption. Contains inorganic compounds as major ingredients Odor from sweat, feet, and aging
ZCL-2000 Series
Masking Agents Odor from feces, urine and pets
Fiber processing (exhaustion, padding), mist spray, free-standing deodorant, aerosol, nonwoven filters, kneaded into resin, etc.

Deodorant Processed Products

ZEON KASEI also manufactures and sells deodorant-processed products by capitalizing on its techniques of compounding, processing and deodorant evaluation.

Deodorizing Performance Test

In order to support deodorant product development, we conduct evaluation tests at fully equipped facilities and with excellent evaluation techniques.

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