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Deodorant-related Products

Deodorizing Filter ZCL-F Type

  • These filters selectively and vigorously eliminate 4 major odors.
  • The filter uses chemical reaction to eliminate odors, preventing odors from being reproduced.
  • Filters for aldehyde and lower fatty acids are also available.
  • 4 major odors: ammonia, trimethylamine, hydrogen sulfide, methyl mercaptan (Odors from sweat, kitchen refuse, feces and urine and pets)
  ZCL-F3002 ZCL-F3004 ZCL-F8000B
Textiles Acrylic/ Polyester Same as left. Same as left.
Weight 150g/m2 90g/m2 80g/m2
Target Odor 4 major odors 4 major odors Acetaldehyde, Lower fatty acids

ZEON KASEI engages in small lot production for each filter including deodorizing filters, dust collecting filters and ozone removal filters.
Dust Collecting and Deodorizing Filter<br>(HEPA-Pleats Filter + Activated Carbon)
Dust Collecting and Deodorizing Filter
(HEPA-Pleats Filter + Activated Carbon)
Upper: Ozone Filter<br>Lower: Air Filter
Upper: Ozone Filter
Lower: Air Filter

Ozone Filter
Ozone Filter
Bag Filter
Bag Filter

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