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ZEON TIMF Thermal Conductive Sheet

Suitable for use as a thermal interface material between the heat-generating components and the heat sink.
The soft and thin sheet with tackiness adhere tightly to the heat generating unit, providing efficient thermal conductive performance.


¡¦PDP (Plasma Display Panel)
¡¦LED backlight
¡¦Thermal interface materials for thermal solution.

Item Unit TIMF-Q
Thickness mm 1.0
Color - White
Thermal conductivity W¡¿m¡¦K 0.6
Hardness¡¿After 20sec Asker-C 27
Tensil strength Mpa 0.2
¡öAll properties are typical values and should not be used for writing specifications.


▪High thermal conductivity
▪Excellent adhesiveness
▪Plasticity and Conformability
▪Flame resistance (UL-V2)

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