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Imaging & Information Material Products

High-Performance Films

We can meet a wide variety of functional films according to customer's demand.

High-Performance Casting Film

Our films are produced by "Cast Method". Films produced by this method generally have the following features.
▪ Various resins are suitable.
Resins which dissolve or disperse to solvent are producible.
▪ Low orientation strain.
Little value difference of Tensile Strength, Tearing Strength and Elongation between MD and TD.
▪ Obtain thin films.
Thickness of 5 - 100m is producible.
▪ Extremely precise thickness.
In the range of 30100m thickness films, the accuracy is less than 2m.
▪ High filling.
Various filling agents, metal system, inorganic system and pigments.
▪ Small lot size is available.
As mass-producing, the minimum lot size is 500m.
▪ Multi-layer is available.
Different kinds of resins and pigments can be laminated.

  • ▪ Conductive film
  • ▪ Electromagnetic wave shield film
  • ▪ Spacing sheet with powder metal
  • ▪ Color film for sign
  • ▪ Brittle film for anti-falsification

Marking Film

"Paint Appliqué" for indoor and outdoor signs
Marking film with superior durability and a variety of colors is now used for various applications as "paint appliqué", including standing signs, transit advertising and signs for buildings. The Imaging & Information Material Department manufactures non-vinyl chloride film including urethane and acrylic as well as general-purpose vinyl chloride film.
Applications: The following are just a few examples!
Outdoor signs, vehicles, protective film, etc.

Brittle Film

The best tamper-evident brittle film
When a label made of this film is removed from the adherend surface, material from the film sticks to the surface and makes it impossible to remove the label completely, and thereby prevents label re-use, product pilferage and tampering.
In addition, it is expected that this product will be applied in the promising area of simple packaging.

Applications: The following are just a few examples!
  • ▪ Tank labels for two-wheeled motor vehicles
  • ▪ Prevention of price label tampering.
  • ▪ Prevention of pharmaceutical and food package tampering.
  • ▪ Prevention of floppy disc and video tape pilferage.
  • ▪ Warning labels and seals for precision machines
"We design and manufacture a wide variety of high-performance casting film that meets customer requests."

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