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Molding Material Products

ZEON Compounds

We constantly provide about 2,000 types of products, and the usage shown here are just examples.Especially for foaming PVC compounds we have a unique technologies.
We are ready to design products for you. Please feel free to contact us.

Searching is available for both customer usage and functions.

Usage :
These usage are just examples. Click here to contact us for more details.
Housing Materials Window Frames
Resin Sashes
Complex Sashes (Regurar or Wood-based)
Glazing Channels
Skirting Boards,etc. (Housing Interior Materials)
Door Trims
Wood-based Housing Materials
Electric Wires Wires
Sheathing Materials
Harness Tubes
Daily Use Items/ Miscellaneous Goods Edge Materials (Regular or Wood-Based)
Adhesive Discs / Suction Cups
Pen Holders / Grips
Hoses / Tubes
Blow Bottles
Automotive Use Instrument Panels
Head Rests/ Arm Rests
Door Mirror Gaskets
Weather Stripping
Electric Household Appliances/ Electronic Devices IC Magazines
Gaskets for Refrigerator
Wire Protectors
Ducts (for Cables, Drain Hoses, etc.)

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