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Matting Agents for ABS Resin

AM-808 is a new type matting agent developed utilizing ZEON's unique rubber and resin processing technology.
This product delivers a high-class matting effect with a moist touch on molded items while allowing the ABS resin to maintain its characteristics. This product also delivers a similar effect to PC/ABS alloy resin.
Basic Physical Properties
Item Test Method Unit  
Specific Gravity D792   1.01
Hardness D2240 Shore D 65
Tensile Strength D638 Mpa (Kgf/cm2) 23(240)
Elongation D638 % 150
Matting effect (Black plate measured values)
ABS/AM-808 100/0 90/10 80/20
Glossiness (%)
60бы reflection
Finished Metal molds 98 30 15
Metal molds with grain texture 17 6.9 4.1
Metal molds with leather texture 4.7 3.1 2.3
Compounding ratio and physical properties when adding the product to various ABS resins
* SM-406 for PS Resin is also available.

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