Zeon KASEI Co., Ltd.


Packaging Material Products

Industrial Use Vacuum Formed Trays

ZEON KASEI offers environmentally-friendly trays and buffer materials with superior transport and operation efficiency, capitalizing on the resin material treatment technology and the forming technology.
We satisfy customer needs by providing a wide range of product line-ups including polystyrene (PS), A-PET and PP as well as LIFELL sheets.
This product allows easy and simple packaging.
This product is easy to insert and remove so that operation efficiency can be increased.

This product allows compact storage, making it useful for space saving.
This product can be stacked, reducing carrying and transport costs.

This product prevents static electricity on trays for precision components.
ZEON KASEI offers a wide selection of trays for transporting precision components, including conductive material electron LIFELL sheets. We also offer tray cleaning service on requests.

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