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Packaging Material Products

PP Filler Sheets/ LIFELL sheets

LIFELL sheets are composite material blending polyolefin resins (polypropylene, polyethylene) and a large amount of inorganic filler (talc, etc.).
LIFELL sheets are used extensively as packaging material for food containers, trays for transporting various products/parts such as home appliances and IT devices, and trays for medical equipment, etc.


Superior in heat and cold resistance.

Has impact, chemical and oil resistance.

Can be easily processed for coloring, printing and lamination, and free design is possible.
Trays for gift items
Trays for gift items

Contributes to natural resource saving, as this product is made of less resin.
Contributes to natural resource saving as this product is mixed with a specific amount of inorganic substances and made of less resin. Emission of carbon dioxide during combustion can be also reduced.

Recyclable material.
Suits well for material recycling and thermal recycling.
Trays made of recycled materials
Trays made of recycled materials

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