Contract Coating

Equipment and Processing Technologies

With expertise in wide-width cast film manufacturing and our high-temperature drying facilities, we can handle water-based and solvent-based coating. We can also offer adhesive sheets and acrylic foam materials as well as PVC cast films, based on ZEON KASEI’s proprietary foaming film technology. In addition, we not only provide analytical support using the research facilities and equipment of our parent company, Zeon Corporation, but also possess over 20 years of expertise in film manufacturing and coating technologies and our own quality assurance system to deliver the best solutions for customer needs.

Material width available for processing 800 mm–1,500 mm
Material thickness available for processing 38 μm-few hundred μm (inquire for details)
Types of materials available for processing PET, synthetic paper (inquire for details)
Coating method Comma coating
Drying furnace specifications Furnace 1: Max 220°C, 30 m roll support
Furnace 2: Max 170°C, 30 m roll support
Line speed available for processing 5–30 m/min
Ancillary equipment Foaming machine, in-line defect detector,
WET in-line weighing scale,
separator, protective film laminating machine
Support for blend of coating liquid formulation Supported (weighing, stirring, filtration, defoaming, etc.)
Cleanliness of coating areas and other parts General environment (not cleaned)
Other owned devices and equipment Test coater (width up to 400 mm), off-line defect detector
Processing facility location Ibaraki Factory (1175 Kami Izushima, Bando-city, Ibaraki, 306-0654)

High-Performance Cast Films

The casting process is used for the manufacturing lines for our films, which typically have the following features.

Various resins can be made into films

Any resin that is dissolvable or dispersible in a solvent can be made into a film

Very little directional properties

Very little difference in properties between the length direction (MD) and the width direction (TD), in tensile strength, tear strength, and elongation

Films are thin

Supports manufacturing films with a thickness of 5–100 µm

High thickness accuracy

Accuracy of ±2 µm is achieved in the thickness range of 30–100 µm

High filler content

Suitable for various types of fillers (metallic, inorganic, pigmented) at a relatively high blending ratio

Small lot manufacturing

Supports mass production from 500 m


Multilayering with different resins or colors is possible

Representative Applications

  • Conductive film
  • Electromagnetic wave absorbing sheets
  • Metal spacer sheets
  • Marking films
  • Tamper-proof films