Features of STEC


Can have a load capacity of over ten tonnes, and stacked stably, even in four tiers.

The strong plywood panels of STEC and its specially processed steel frames significantly enhance compressive strength. STEC reduces storage cost and greatly improves efficiency.


Side panels support a variety of displays

The surfaces of the side panels can be used to display company logos and product names. Clearly displaying the batch number and product name on the side panels makes inventory management more efficient.


Collapses to 1/3–1/5 of its size and easy to assemble

This makes these containers ideal as returnable boxes when transporting goods between factories or sales offices and for storage. They are very simple to assemble and collapse, even for one person alone.


Why STEC is superior to mesh pallets

STEC protects products from adverse weather conditions such as rain and strong winds. It is designed to prevent the stored cargo from collapsing and for protection against dust. It is also more suitable than cardboard boxes, which are vulnerable to moisture, and steel mesh pallets, which provide little dust protection.