Containers for Rolled FilmsContainers for Transporting Rolled Films (Simple Racking System)


Steel frame construction and designed to keep products suspended. Easy to handle.

These metal racks are collapsible and can be stacked in tiers for storage. They are especially suitable for handling single or multiple rolled products, suspending them during transport and storage. The use of these racks reduces the required amount of cardboard and cushioning materials, contributing to the achievement of the SDGs and reducing CO2 emissions.

STEC ST Racking System

Primary Applications

  • Ideal for transporting and storing various rolled products such as metal foils, rolled films, sheets, and fabrics while suspended
  • Rolled products can be handled by lashing belts, core rods, handling arm balancers, and air chucks

Specific Examples

Used for various films and raw materials for optical applications, semiconductor raw materials, special paper, wrapping paper, food applications, and pharmaceutical applications.

STEC ST Racking System

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