Containers for Rolled FilmsAdjustable Racking System for Rolled Products


Can support different core tube lengths.

  • ・Product Protection
    Rolled products can be kept suspended for safe transport and storage.
  • ・Cost Savings
    Single unit can support different core tube lengths, which saves cost as there is no need to manufacture racks of different sizes.
  • ・Handling
    Easy to handle and increases operational efficiency. Can be stacked in tiers for significantly reducing storage space.
  • ・Collapsible
    Can easily be collapsed as a result of ZEON KASEI’s expertise in collapsible products.
  • ・Flexible Design
    Can be designed for specific size requirements.
Adjustable Racking System for Rolled Products

Primary Applications

  • Various types of films, aluminum foils, copper foils, etc., in rolled formats
  • Fabrics and other product materials in rolled formats
Adjustable Racking System for Rolled Products
  • Adjustable racking systems for rolled products accommodates the growing demand for optical films for LCDs and other products, which come in a diverse spectrum of quality, sizes, etc.
  • Single rack can support two different product lengths based on rolled product type.

Our products are designed and manufactured to order based on customer requirements.

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