Containers for Rolled FilmsContainers for Transporting Special Films, AR-Model


Can safely transport pancakes and tapes and is easy and convenient to handle. Designed for efficient work.

The STEC AR-Model comes with horizontal cantilever arms, each of which can hold a magnetic tape, an audio tape, or a pancake of other high-value-added products while suspended. It is designed for improved ease of handling at product processing sites, transportability, economic efficiency, protection against dust, and anti-static properties and significantly improves work efficiency.

Primary Applications

  • Streamlines packaging tasks and reduces packaging costs
  • Eliminates the need for individual packaging and reduces packaging costs by directly inserting reels and hubs onto the arms; also prevents packaging from being turned into industrial waste at the destination
  • Improves cargo handling operations
  • Comes with casters so it can be conveniently moved around on-site and also facilitates efficient cargo handling operations
  • Provides improved anti-static properties and protection against dust; translucent conductive sheets in the main body and front sheet prevent the buildup of static electricity and magic tapes protect against dust
  • Arms are made of stainless steel and are designed to be robust; load capacity for each arm exceeds 100 kg; each arm comes equipped with a stopper with simple one-touch operation for loading and unloading rolled products
  • Main body is quite slim in design, with translucent panels and sheets that allow the interior to be viewed from outside
  • Screw mechanism keeps products in place; the new screw mechanism holds the product firmly in place and increases transport safety
STEC AR-Model for transporting special films
STEC AR-Model for transporting special films

STEC AR-Model for transporting special films

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